What is Bitway Network?
Bitway Network is the best and most profitable crypto mining network.

What is Bitway (BTWN)?
Bitway (BTWN) is a cryptocurrency created for the Bitway mining network.

What is a cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that uses cryptography to secure its transactions.

What is the benefits of Bitway?
Payouts in Ethereum on the monthly basis from the earnings of the mining operation.

What is the requirements?
You will need to store Bitway (BTWN) in your wallet in order to receive monthly payouts.

How much will I earn?
The amount of Bitway (BTWN) you have will determine your shares of the earnings.

When will I receive payouts?
The first payouts will be distributed to all Bitway (BTWN) owners by Aug-2018.

How can I get Bitway (BTWN)?
Bitway (BTWN) will be available for purchase during the initial coin offering!

What is the rate of Bitway?
The current rate of Bitway (BTWN) is 0.001 ETH / ETH x BTWN 1×1000.

Can I trade Bitway?
Bitway (BTWN) will be available to trade on exchanges after the ICO!

Bitway Support

Email: Support@bitway.network

Website: https://bitway.network

Linkedin: Bitway Network

Country: Norway

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