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Cryptocurrency mining network The best and most profitable


Mining Network Explorer

Mining Network

The best mining network for mining Bitcoin and other profitable cryptocurrencies.

Public Network

Mining statistics and earnings of all shareholders available publicly in the network explorer.

Network explorer

ASIC Miners

The mining network will conclude of ASIC miners running SHA256 and ETHASH.

Monthly payouts

Monthly payouts in Ethereum from the mining network by holding Bitway.


Mining Network

By owning Bitway you will receive monthly payouts in Ethereum from the mining network. Bitway will be primarily mining Bitcoin and Ethereum but also Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic.


Bitway Coins

Crypto mining

Mining Network

Monthly payout

Monthly Payout


Bitcoin ASIC Miner

The brand new GMO Bitcoin ASIC miner was recently announced and will soon be ready for delivery! This exclusive ASIC miner is capable of producing a hashing rate of 24TH/s on the SHA256 mining algorithm with a power consumption of only 1950W (81W per 1TH/s)! With the extra functionalities such as online updates, surveillance API, operation detection (anti-theft measures) and temperature sensor!


Most powerful Bitcoin ASIC miner

GMO B2 is currently the most powerful SHA256 (BTC/BCH) ASIC!

Antminer S9

Bitcoin ASIC Miner

The Antminer S9i is one of the most powerful and advanced miners on the market. It's what is known as an ASIC miner. The ASIC miner produces a hashing rate of 14TH/s on the SHA256 mining algorithm with a power consumption of only 1320W. Bitway network will conclude of Antminer S9i's as operating engines to mine Bitcoin for quick and fast returns on investments between all participants and to regularly expand the mining operation with additional ASIC miners in order to increase the overall earnings from the mining network!

Antminer E3

Ethereum ASIC Miner

The brand new Antminer E3 Ethereum ASIC miner has been officially released and will soon be ready for delivery! The miner is producing a hashing rate of 180 MH/s on the Ethash mining algorithm with a power consumption of only 800W! Bitway will have the advantage to be one of the first mining operations to utilise this brand new Ethereum Application-specific integrated circuit miner!


1st Ethash ASIC

The Antminer E3 is the world's first Ethash ASIC Ethereum miner.

Bitway Norway


Norway has extensive reserves of petroleum, natural gas, minerals, and hydropower. Hydroelectric plants generate roughly 98–99% of Norway's electric power, more than any other country in the world. Bitway's mining center will be located in the northern part of the country along the same latitude as Siberia and Alaska. Norway also provides year-round, continual cold weather, which will significantly reduce heat from miners and lower electricity costs for cooling.


Location Norway

Norway is the perfect location for running the Bitway mining operation.


Renewable energy source

99% of all power generation in Norway comes from hydropower.

Electricity Price USD 0.1 KW/H

Renewable energy Hydropower

Cold weather Climate

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ICO Live

Bitway initial coin offering live!



To be traded on major exchanges.



Affiliate open for limited time.

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Bitway floor plan



  • Bitway
    The best and most profitable crowdfunded crypto mining network. The ultimate goal is to inspire millions to join us, and build a self-supportive, decentralized ecosystem. We stand for the fair distribution of Bitway and our plan is to improve the ways individuals interact with crypto mining by leveraging the Bitway network to create a self-supportive global mining network.
  • Bitway mining network
    We intend to grow Bitway as a decentralized crowdfunded crypto mining network, without boundaries and restrictions. We believe that Bitway has the potential to become a true legacy system - the fundamental pillar of a new economy.


  • Name: Bitway
    Symbol: BTWN
    Max supply: 21.000.000
  • Rate: Ethereum x Bitway
    1x1000 + Bonus
  • Stage 1: 1m Bitway
    Stage 2: 10m Bitway
    Stage 3: 10m Bitway
  • Bonus:
    Stage 1: 30-50%, Stage 2: 20-40%, Stage 3: 10-30%.

Decentralized network

  • Bitway Network
  • We aim to build a self-supportive decentralized mining network. Our top priorities are simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed, a stable means of payment and returns on investments. In order to meet these goals, the Bitway network was built from the ground up with powerful miners and a secure coin ready to utilize and trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Engineered for anyone interested in entering the cryptocurrency mining world, Bitway allows even the most new users the ability to enjoy the benefits of this new technology and a revolutionary mining network.


  • Mining Cryptocurrency
  • In cryptocurrency networks, mining is a validation of transactions. Successful miners obtain new cryptocurrency as a reward. The reward decreases transaction fees by creating a complementary incentive to contribute to the processing power of the network. The rate of generating hashes, which validate the transaction, will be produced by utilizing machines such as powerful GPU miners and ASICs running the hashing algorithm ETHASH and SHA-256
  • Network Explorer
    Bitway network explorer comes with a super stylish and easy-to-use user interface designed specifically for effectiveness. We make using digital assets simple and secure. Bitway owners, network mining statistics and earnings will be publicly available in the network explorer at all time, ensuring real-time transparency.

Mining network

  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • There is a strong and growing demand for a well-structured mining network that supports non-technical users, supplying them with the information, techniques and skills required to participate in mining cryptocurrencies.
  • As cryptocurrencies gain widespread acceptance, they will create enormous potential for new projects and growth in the fintech space, making them extremely appealing for start-ups and investors alike. Still, the market for cryptocurrency mining is not fully realized, and the complexity of the currency combined with security concerns and difficulties can deter many potential new users.


  • Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, control the creation of additional units and verify the transfer of assets.
  • Because of a surge in interest interest in recent years, cryptocurrencies are an ever-growing digital and decentralized currency with great potential for investments.


  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • An initial coin offering (ICO) is a means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. ICOs enable new blockchain projects to raise funds by issuing crypto coins that represent an underlying asset. One such case is the Ethereum blockchain ICO, which raised more than $15 million in 2014. ICOs are revolutionizing fundraising within the blockchain industry.

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